New Year = New ElectionBuddy!

January 9, 2015

To wish you the best for 2015, we have DRAMATICALLY updated the ElectionBuddy experience. Our goals were to keep it simple, to add some requested functionality, to give you more control over the voter and voting process and to make ElectionBuddy look better for you and your voters. The newness includes

  • Better access to the most important functions from the redesigned election list screen and see more stats and information
  • Reduced scrolling – we update our account settings screen to group items
  • Better explanations and help – along with an overall refresh to the look and feel of election setup,
  • the ability to use different election types for more than just positions and candidates – ask your own questions (directly from one of our users)
  • an update of the announcement functionality
  • More control over the voting process – you can even add button text
  • A redesign of  the ballot  to allow for MULTI LANGUAGES (did you catch the hint in our previous post?) – you control all the instructions and the buttons too!
  • the capability to add a path to get your voters back to your own website after they vote you can fully customize the confirmation screen.

Please let us know what you think!

In future posts, we will be going through some of the changes, but for now… Happy New Year!

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