Extreme Home Makeover – ElectionBuddy edition

October 18, 2014

I used to enjoy watching  show Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition. And I also really like the makeover we have just released on electionbuddy.com. We have revamped our home website, with a simpler, cleaner design and tried to showcase what you our million plus voters and administrators love about ElectionBuddy. Feel free to give us feedback on what you think!

To celebrate the new website and also based on your feedback, we have decided to make even more features free. You can now do printed ballots and custom ballots across all our plans including our FREE plan. We hope you enjoy.

And also check out our new features:

  • Candidate Shuffle (random presentation) – many of you asked for this, so here you go!
  • Pre-planning for new voters mid election – we are laser focused on ensuring that you can offer a democratic anonymous election, but we also know that you want to ensure that new members can join midstream, or sometimes you just don’t have an email address when you are ready to go. So we added the capability to add keys and convert later, with a full audit trail of the changes. To try it out – create a test election
  • Sharing voter keys with those stubborn email addresses – sometimes you just need to share a voter key with person who has email address that can’t be reached. We made it super simple to convert emails to keys, so you can share the key via phone, in person or even deliver it via oxcart so you reach even more voters!

Stay tuned for some other new features coming shortly, and if you have feedback as to what you want to see, let me know, just reply to this post!

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