Becoming a School Election Winner

November 20, 2012

So a big election just wrapped up in the United States and it was a close race with many subplots to it that made it one of the more interesting elections in years. Whether you are motivated by real world politicos or just want something for your resume when you graduate university or college, running for student office is a rewarding experience.

Student elections

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These quick tips should help you get started on your road to victory:

  1. Use your networks of friends and acquaintances. Announce your intention to run for “office” to your friends and close acquaintances first. It’s good practice for you and a chance to start building your base of supporters.
  2. Use organizations that you know and that know you. An important part of campaigning is to motive those who know you best so make it a priority to attend clubs and meetings you were a part of before you started running for election.
  3. Create opportunities to speak at events. Go to meetings, social events, cultural events, etc. that you might not normally attend. Have organizers and leaders introduce you to as many people as they can.
  4. Attend every all candidate’s forum/debate. It is a chance to  speak to motivated students. If they attend a meeting they are likely to vote.
  5. Secure Free Publicity. In any campaign, the power of the press can persuade and help draw voters; first, if your school has a campus newspaper, radio station or TV station, inquire about getting covered in the campus media. Then, branch out — and think big.

Tips for what doesn’t work:

  1. Don’t be overly complex/overly simplistic. Sometimes less is more. That’s called being concise and coherent.
  2. Don’t use empty rhetoric. Be your own person and say things in your own way.
  3. Don’t have a campaign that is unfocused, confusing, or cliquish. You can’t be for or against everything. Pick and stick.

Are you a candidate in an upcoming election? Let us know your success stories, best practices or lessons learned via Best wishes in winning your school elections!

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