Elections in October: Trick or Treat

October 12, 2012

With the U.S. Presidential Election only six weeks away all kinds of pundits and experts are coming out with their opinion on who is going to win or they’re busy analyzing the latest poll results from all angles.

Voters are taking this seriously too and rightly so — the economy is still struggling and people are wondering who is the best person to lead them out of this quagmire. Still, this election seems to have more of a circus atmosphere than year’s past — is this a trick or a treat? It depends on your perspective.

Political masks

No one can blame you for leaning towards the trick side. How else can you explain countless articles and polls on which candidate is selling more Halloween masks or the best pumpkin carved with a candidate’s face!

While a fun and light exercise, a poll showing who is leading in mask sales isn’t the best indicator of who will win the actual election. President Obama is leading with about 58% of the sales (on average) over his rival Gov. Mitt Romney according to buycostumes.com and other costume sites, but will that sway you to vote for him?

At least the company selling the masks are up front about this election — it CAN be bought. Buy a mask and you get to vote; it’s that simple! And I hate to give more free advertising but their site is just plain awesome with a map of the U.S. that shows who is leading by state, graphs showing day-to-day trends and even which vice-presidents’ mask is more popular.

Have fun with this and give us your feedback on which mask you like better!

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