Focus: Public or Private Results… That is the Question!

February 13, 2012

One of the features that makes ElectionBuddy unique over other election software, is that you can customize who gets the view the results – in real time and once the election is complete.

As an election admin, if you don’t want to be able to see the results until after the election is done – not a problem. Same goes for voter. You can also make it so that voters won’t be able to see the results at all, should you want that.

In Step 1: Election Details, you will be presented with the option to set how the results are displayed. These are the following selections that are made available:

  • Only after the election has finished
  • Any time after the election starts
  • Don’t allow voters to see the results
  • Don’t allow voters or election admins to see the results until the election ends.

The main reason why you might want to revoke mid-election results access from the administrator is to keep your election completely secret until the polls close. It reduces the chance of them influencing the results by swaying voters. And while you can’t edit your choice once the election has begun, you can choose to show or hide the election results link to voters from your admin area, as long as you don’t select “Don’t allow voters or election admins to see the results until the election ends”.

For more information on keeping results private or public, click here.

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