Chicago Condominium Elections

December 8, 2011

Chicago is a city rich in condominiums and associations. Condominium associations in the state of Illinois can either be governed by the Illinois Condominium Property Act or that and the Illinois General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act should your condominium association be also a not-for-profit corporation. In event of conflict, the Property Act will supersede.

Illinois Condominium Property Act

The Illinois Condominium Property Act sets forth the procedures that associations need to implement when running an election. Prior to an Annual Meeting at which the Board Members are elected, the Board is required to send notice to all Owners advising the date, time, and place of the upcoming election.  In addition, it is generally common practice to request names of those Owners that are interested in running for the Board of Directors at the meeting.  Once the Board has the name of the Directors that are interested in running, a proxy or absentee ballot should be mailed to all Owners setting forth all known candidates.

The quorum for your Annual Meeting should be specified in the By-Laws.  If you reside in a condominium association of 20 or more units, quorum shall be twenty (20%) percent unless the Owners have voted to increase the quorum requirement.  If you reside in an association with less than 20 units, you need to check your governing documents for the quorum requirements.  If you reside in a townhouse or homeowners association, your quorum requirement will depend on your governing documents.

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