Seattle and the State of Washington Condominium Elections

December 1, 2011

Continuing on with our condominium blog series, we head all the way Wild West – Seattle, WA. OK, maybe not so wild… I hear Seattlites are very laid back. Their condominium market, however, has dipped in recent years. In July 2010, the average condo in Seattle cost $290,000. In July 2011, that price has dropped to $255,000. Condo sales has fallen by 6% in that same time period.

Washington Condominium Act

Similar to most states condominium acts, there needs to be a quorum in order to conduct a meeting and an election for board of directors. In Washington, at least 25% of the allocated votes need to be present for an election to begin. Building and zone by-laws set forth the rules of how votes are divided among the owners.

An interesting law for Washington is in the case of multiple owners owning a unit, yet only one of them showing up to an election. If only one owner shows, then that person is entitled to cast all of the votes allocated to that unit or can be given a proxy vote by the other owner.

Click here to read the full Condominium act for the State of Washington.

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