Miami and the State of Florida Condominium Elections

November 28, 2011

Like New York City, Miami is another major metropolitan area that has seen a boom in condominiums over the last decade. So let’s take a look at condominium board elections in the state of Florida.

The State of Florida Condominium Act

Elections in the State of Florida must be done by secret ballot, however if the number of vacancies equals or exceeds the number of candidates, no election is required. Yearly elections are also required for board members, if there are no provisions in the city bylaws for terms of the members of the board. If Miami, there is none.

Members of the board can either be elected by written ballot or voting machine. Unlike New York, proxies are not allowed in any election relating to condominiums. Votes are tabulated either on a “one vote per unit” or on a weighted percentage basis as stated in the condo documents.

The act has very clear rules on the style of voting as well:

Elections shall be decided by a plurality of those ballots cast. There shall be no quorum requirement; however, at least 20 percent of the eligible voters must cast a ballot in order to have a valid election of members of the board.

To read the full Florida condominium act, click here.

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