Tips & Tricks: Voting For Your Favorite…

July 21, 2011

ElectionBuddy is primarily used for online elections that have positions and the candidates running for those positions.  However, There are plenty of interesting uses that you might not necessarily think of when you set up an account with ElectionBuddy, especially during the summer when fun should be had by all! Here are some of my favorites:


If you offer an Employee of the Month type of program to your workers, ElectionBuddy is ideal for these kind of votes. Whether it’s voted on by management or co-worked, this is easy enough to set up. First Post the Post or Preferential Voting, would be suggested for Employee of the month elections. And voter anonymity with 1 vote per person means that the right winner wins!

Person of the Year

Nearly every magazine or publication has these types of votes. For votes that are not open to the public, and closed to staff only, ElectionBuddy keeps these influential votes anonymous.


Maybe your organization has a company softball team and would like to name a team captain at the start of the season or name an MVP or All-Star team as the season is winding down. Remember, ElectionBuddy is free for elections under 20 voters, so it could be a perfect way of keeping track of these types of votes.


We use this quite frequently around the office for our “Pizza Friday Meetings”, when deciding where to order from and what toppings we’d like. We take our pizza selections very seriously at EventiQ.


This one stood out for me because we held an election for Batchbook. We all thought this was kind of neat. We use Batchbook all the time as our CRM, and think it’s a great piece of software. It was a pleasure returning the favor!

What are some of your creative ElectionBuddy uses? We’d love to find out how our software is being used in interesting and unique ways!

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