Feature Focus: Announcement and Nominations

July 20, 2011

Sometimes holding an election to find out election nominees is just as useful as the election itself. A successful election is only as good as the crop of candidates voters can choose from. That’s why we offer the ability to organize announcement elections and let eligible voters nominate their candidates.

Announcements will automatically be emailed to each email address you specify. Then, nominations are recorded and you can consolidate them if a candidate is nominated multiple times. This allows you to then identify which candidates should be up for election. For example, you may require a candidate to be nominated twice before appearing on your ballot.

In the two examples below, you can see that you have the ability to decide the number of nominations each voter is allowed to select as well.

To initiate an election announcement, simply choose “Announcement and Registrations” in Step 1: Vote Details under Vote Type.

Just another great feature from the team at ElectionBuddy!

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