Milestone achieved: ElectionBuddy completes 1000 online elections

April 13, 2011

You know it’s going to be a good day when you pass a milestone like this before even having coffee. has now hosted over 1000 elections, with well over 130,000 votes cast! What a treat to wake up to!

How did this happen? Well, a few reasons…

A shift to the online game

Over recent years, we’ve seen so much of our daily activities move online. Elections are no exception, and we take pride in become a leader in online election software. People enjoy working from their email, and voting from your inbox just makes sense.

Easy to use and customer feedback

You don’t need your business or household’s computer wiz to use ElectionBuddy. The setup process is plug in and play. And that’s pretty much thanks to all of our users! We’ve always welcomed feedback, and constantly take suggestions into consideration. Almost every new feature we add comes from your suggestions. It could be as simple as changing around some of the wording in the set up, or giving the organizer the option of a write-in candidate. Regardless of what the feedback is, we take it to our weekly meetings. We encourage you use our support form for any comments on ElectionBuddy and improvements you may have.


We use a 256-bit encryption. This is the same security major banks rely on to keep your data safe in transit. Users enjoy the fact that there is a minimal chance of voting fraud, and information is not shared with third parties. We value confidentiality!


Our technical support is fast and friendly… although you likely won’t need it! Like I said, ElectionBuddy is very straight forward to set up.

So thank you to everyone who’s hosted an election through our site. Once again, we invite everyone to write us a message on how we can further improve ElectionBuddy. Here’s to 1000 more!

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