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Survey Options Aside From Politics

When we talk about an online poll, we often think about an election or casting our vote on a decision that affects a public committee, association, or membership group. However, there are tons of reasons to create a poll to collect thoughts or preferences for topics unrelated to official results!

Let's look at some of the popular online polls our ElectionBuddy users create with our innovative forms and surveys!

The Benefits of Using an Online Polling Tool

The advantage of an online polling system is that you can collect multiple responses with minimal effort. Whether you're picking a venue for an event or want to collate responses to questions about your business, a digital poll vote simplifies the process.

You can build a series of meeting questions with the help of online polls resources to decide on the outcome and invite voters to cast their decision virtually or in person for maximum convenience.

Accessible Vote Collection With an Online Poll Maker

An online poll maker means that everybody involved in your vote can answer and share their response. You can invite participants to pick a survey option with one click, select from multiple-choice poll answers, or reply to a question through any device.

ElectionBuddy results are 100% accurate with impeccable integrity protection, so you'll have a precise answer to any polls, whether that's about what takeout to order or who you'd like to represent your club. It is easy to create a free poll on our site and people can quickly access the online election to vote.

Using Online Polls for Quick Decision Making

Another fantastic advantage of a survey template is that you'll get replies faster and can gather data to get instant results and make instant decisions. The easier it is for your audience to participate in your poll, the more likely people will read your live polls and pick from the options offered!

Data collected from our polls show that automated notices, one-click amendments, and voter lists encourage the highest possible engagement.

Five Great Reasons to Make an 
Online Poll for Your Audience

Below, we've listed five of the most popular reasons people use an online poll creator to collate survey feedback from their audience.

1. Create a Poll to Make Family Decisions

Online voting through a poll takes all the tension out of the equation and allows each family member to cast a vote without pressure. You can use poll templates to create a survey about any topic, such as a poll about hosting the festive holidays. Each form can be customized to your specific answer options and poll needs.

Once you have created your survey questions, you can share your polls with your family members and make the best decision for the majority  of your audience.

2. Online Voting to Choose a Team MVP

Surveys are well-positioned to help create team polls about group decisions. A poll is the fastest and easiest solution if you need to nominate a star player or pick an MVP. Creating a team survey is quick and easy with an online poll maker.

3. Using a Survey Template to Gather Staff Feedback

Surveys are an excellent way to ask a poll question that you want an honest response to! Workplace poll systems are efficient and confidential and can help managers create an inclusive, engaged place of work by allowing their teams to actively contribute to polls.

4. Collecting Votes to Understand Your Audience

Your poll questions are bespoke to the data you want to collect, so you can use a survey to research your user demographic, understand their pain points, or see what influences their spending decisions.

5. Asking Online Poll Questions to Pick a New Book Club Book

We all like a little input sometimes when we have numerous options to pick from, such as what book to suggest to your book club! A poll is adaptable, and you can create a survey about any question that will help you gather opinions and decide on the right way forward.

How Easy Is it to Create an Online 
Vote Using ElectionBuddy?

Designing a bespoke poll couldn't be easier, whether you want to create a simple ballot from our catalog of layouts or need to incorporate specific rules for each of your polls. Here's a step-by-step rundown to demonstrate how quickly you can generate polls and distribute them to your voter base with an online poll tool:

  • Create your poll, choose voting dates, select a name, and add in the choices or selections you'd like your voters to choose from.

  • Upload a voter list and circulate invitations via text, email, or post. Everybody can vote online or via any device and make sure their choices have been recorded.

  • ElectionBuddy will handle the calculations, so you don't have to. We can create a report on your behalf showing exact stats and submit it for your approval before you send it to each person.

The beauty is that as the poll manager, it's entirely up to you to make decisions about what you do and don't reveal, with each voter's selection completely confidential–especially important in the case of disagreements!

How Long Does It Take to Get Your
ElectionBuddy Survey Responses?

If you need to create a snap poll and get your answers lightning fast, ElectionBuddy is here to help! Your poll results are available as soon as you decide it's time to close the survey, or according to a preset date and time if you've allowed a bit of leeway for everyone to have their say. The easiest option is to specify when the voting closes as you create your poll to ensure you aren't chasing people or trying to reach a consensus when there has been plenty of time to pick an option.

Most quick polls need an expedited response, so we ensure you get a tallied outcome and a breakdown of how the answers went so you can follow the results and move forward.

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