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Membership polls are an important way to monitor member engagement in organizations. The votes themselves provide feedback on a variety of issues or offer insights on where to focus resources. It demonstrates to the members that leaders and staff value their input. Polls include votes such as ‘rating on a scale’, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on proposed questions and statements, and ‘choosing all that apply’ when gauging the popularity of different issues and ideas.

Rate On A Scale

Members provide feedback by scoring on a relative numeric scale.

Member feedback ballot example using the scored voting method with ElectionBuddy.

Members vote on a variety of ideas or issues using the Scoring Method. One scoring method example is the Likert Scale, where 1 is ‘strongly agree’ and 5 is ‘strongly disagree’. The aggregation of scores provides a rank of which issues or ideas are the most important to the membership and provides direction for the organization.

Agree Or Disagree

Members vote if they ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with a proposed statement or question and are allowed to provide comments.

This approach allows an organization to focus the question on one issue or idea, and get specific feedback about the question. This voting method can be used as a follow-up to ‘rating on a scale’ where the most popular choice is voted on by the membership. This ballot type is tallied using Plurality Voting.

Choose All That Apply

Members approve of as many of the choices as they wish.

Similar to ‘rate on a scale’ is the approval voting method where the voters are not compelled to rank their votes on a scale of 1 to 5, but instead, can select all the ideas or issues that they think are pertinent. The choice with the most votes wins.

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