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An Award Vote or an Award Election is one where an award is presented based on a vote by an audience or group of peers, or based on a vote by a judge or a panel of judges. Three of the more common ballot types are choosing one award nominee, ranking multiple award nominees, and approving award nominees.

Choose One Award Winner

ElectionBuddy shares the list of nominees - the most votes is the winner.

For single-winner awards, ElectionBuddy offers a variety of voting methods. The most common for single-winner is Plurality, where the voters are required to pick the candidate to win the award.

Rank Multiple Award Nominees

The most preferred nominee wins.

The Preferential Voting method has several benefits over using a Plurality Voting method. It provides a sense of what the voters think of all of the candidates, and not just which candidate is their most popular. It also allows voters to choose several candidates and transfer votes if their most preferred candidate gets eliminated.

Approve Award Nominees

Voters approve  1 or more nominees and the nominee with the most votes wins. This is known as Approval Voting.

Although Approval Voting appears similar to a multi-winner voting method, it tallies as a single-winner method. Voters pick an unlimited number of candidates from the listed options, and the candidate who was selected by the most voters wins. It is considered in between a Plurality and a Preferential vote. oters pick multiple candidates similar to a Preferential Vote, but the voting method is simplistic, similar to a Plurality Vote (i.e. voters select candidates they like). However, unlike Preferential, the voter does not rank candidates.

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