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ElectionBuddy’s online voting system ensures that results are sharp looking, timely and reach all your voters

Voting Results with Integrity

The ElectionBuddy processes have been created by election experts including accountants and staff who have overseen thousands of elections. ElectionBuddy staff do not have a vested interest in any election that occurs using the ElectionBuddy online voting process. We are independent, and act as a neutral third-party, to ensure fairness for any election or vote. We can also help resolve election challenges and assist with runoff elections.

Voting Results Audit

Ensuring the election is fair is just the start of the results management process. Election results and the online voting process as a whole allows your voters to independently review their results to ensure that their votes were not tampered with before including their choices in the results. The election results can also be downloaded to facilitate independent reviewer inquires and recounts (independent observation). The audibility is from start to finish. Adjustments to voter lists and management of the process is also completely auditable too. And all the vote audits and vote verification to ensure votes are properly cast are completed while protecting voter anonymity.

Shareable and Understandable Results

Voting Results are easily managed. They can be shared directly with voters, or you can download the voting numbers to be formatted and included in own documents, PowerPoints or other presentation software. The results are shared in easy to read summaries. Winners are highlighted, statistics are presented without being overwhelming. And your online voting process can be shown in pictures as well, because sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why we provide voting results in pie charts and bar graphs, so that everyone can easily see who won the election.

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