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The most common way to nominate board members is through a nominating committee. This committee is typically composed of current board members and supporting staff, who screen and interview potential candidates. They make recommendations to the entire board, who vote on the final nominees. There are three main ways board members are nominated: via a nominating committee, an open floor, and a ballot. And ballots can either be set up to nominate single candidates, multiple candidates, or from a list.

Nominate A Single Candidate

Voters enter a name of their choosing into the nomination field.

This ballot offers the voter to enter a single candidate by writing in their nominee.  Nominations can be combined for spelling differences or nicknames. For example, if voters add both David Allen and Dave Allen, the voting administrator can combine these choices.

Nominate Multiple Candidates

Voters can enter multiple names of their choosing into the nomination fields.

This ballot offers the voter the ability to enter multiple candidates by writing in the names of the nominees to save time, or in a situation where multiple vacancies are available.

Nominate From A List

Voters can nominate candidates by selecting from a list of names, typically the organization membership.

By utilizing the voter list feature, ElectionBuddy allows a drop-down menu for all members who are eligible to vote. The voter can then select from the list their chosen nominees. Compared to manual write-ins, selecting a name ensures that only members are nominated. It also can be used to limit choices, for a specific position or with specific credentials.

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