Milestone achieved: 400,000 ballots and a neat factoid

Did you know that 400,000 is a hex color… OK, while it’s not something that you think of every day, it is comprised of 25.1% red, 0% green and 0% blue and for RGB fans its R:64, G:0, B:0. And while we do a lot with color (hint, it’s the basis for our next feature […]
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Some ElectionBuddy Milestones

With our year end complete, I wanted to share some ElectionBuddy statistics – ok not sure if you will find them as interesting as I do (maybe it’s my accounting training rearing its ugly head), but here it goes anyways…. Largest Election processed 11,000 voters 300,000 voter milestone passed New ElectionBuddy election administr
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Elections in October: Trick or Treat

With the U.S. Presidential Election only six weeks away all kinds of pundits and experts are coming out with their opinion on who is going to win or they’re busy analyzing the latest poll results from all angles. Voters are taking this seriously too and rightly so — the economy is still struggling and people […]
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A new school year – and a new year for ElectionBuddy!

I am really pleased to announce a bunch of new ElectionBuddy features coinciding with the new school year and coincidentally our new fiscal year (I threw in an accounting term to make our accountants happy, we want to keep them onside as they help us make sure that ElectionBuddy elections are auditable and verifiable, but […]
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You just need enough votes to be elected

“You don’t have to fool all the people all of the time; you just have to fool enough to get elected.” — Gerald Barzan
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Feature Focus: Emailing Ballots Yourself

Did you know that you don’t always have to upload a list of email addresses to send out ElectionBuddy ballots? You can also create custom ballots in Microsoft Word, an e-newsletter program, or your preferred email application through the use of manual voting keys. The Setup Process It’s pretty simple actually. Just follow these three
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Feature Focus: Reminders

If your election is not having the turnout you expected, it could be for a variety of reasons. If you are letting ElectionBuddy email the ballots, maybe the election start time was not the opportune time, and people first brushed off the voting link email. There are all sorts of reasons why people have yet […]
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Feature Focus: Prevent Ballots from Being Marked as Spam

Not all of our Feature Focuses have to be about items you can implement to aid your election. This month I want to highlight something that’s done on our end to increase your voter turnout. To prevent email ballots from being marked as spam in a voter’s inbox, we verify using DomainKeys and the Sender Policy Framework.
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The World’s First Democratically Elected Female Head of Government

I’d like to think I have a decent grasp at history. My dad is a huge history buff and is quite the library in his home office. I love listening to him telling me a neat detail or fact he picked up in some history book. But last week when I asked I pondered to […]
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Focus: Public or Private Results… That is the Question!

One of the features that make ElectionBuddy unique over other election software, is that you can customize who gets the view of the results – in real time and once the election is complete. As an election admin, if you don’t want to be able to see the results until after the election is done […]
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Tips & Tricks: Voting Patterns & Analysis

Being someone who loves numbers and statistics (mainly sports statistics, but still…), I find it’s great you can come up with some interesting patterns and analysis with the raw data we give you in your Election Admin area. If you click on the Vote by Vote tab, you will be presented with an untraceable ballot number as well [&helli
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Feature Focus: Approval Voting

We’ve already looked Plurality Voting, Preferential Voting, as well as how to organize a Referendum in ElectionBuddy. Approval voting is another election type that is supported in ElectionBuddy, and that’s what we’ll hone in on this Feature Focus. Approval voting is an election method that lets voters vote f
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Feature Focus: Preferential Voting

ElectionBuddy offers a variety of election types that will suit your organization. Today we’re taking a look at Preferential Voting. Preferential Voting (also known as instant runoff voting) is a type of election where voters rank the candidates in order of preference, with “1” being the highest (most preferred) ranking. The first p
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Tips & Tricks: Election Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s almost 2012. Nearly everyone has a smart phone, so why not show how hip and tech savvy you are by marketing using these devices? Check out this video from M4 Group Marketing for some cool mobile marketing tips, directed at nominees running in an election. While the message is good, they could have done
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