ElectionBuddy takes care of everything.

AAM has teamed up with ElectionBuddy to provide a simple online voting platform for any HOA. Time-saving features, human support, and high integrity results all come standard.

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Resources for HOAs

A quick five-minute overview how ElectionBuddy works for HOAs.

Resources for Community Managers

Elections eBook (PDF)

More Voters Engaged = Quicker Quorum

Multiple notice types, electronic reminders, and remote and on-site strategies for capturing votes ensures that you get the best turnout you can. Make the most of every minute you spend with your HOA.

Flexible Notifications & Reminders

An optimized mobile voting experience allows homeowners to be notified and reminded of how and when they can make their opinion count. Automation is at the heart of the ElectionBuddy platform so you don’t have to manually manage reminders.

We Understand HOAs

ElectionBuddy understands the rules and regulations you live by every day. We’ve run thousands of HOA elections, so you can rest easy knowing we understand your struggle and we’re here to help.

High-integrity and secure

Your homeowners want to know that their information is protected and that their voting choices are anonymous. ElectionBuddy's HOA voting software delivers this, no matter the size or scope of your election.

“We made the perfect decision by choosing ElectionBuddy. We reached quorum the first day! Our voter participation exceeded 30% voter engagement, more than the past three elections combined!”

Kevin Forwalk, Treasurer, Homeowners Association
ElectionBuddy + AAM Partnership

We're here to help.

Regardless of whether you're a Community Association Manager, on an HOA or Condominium Board, in a Strata Council or a Building Co-operative, our voting platform has the flexibility and power to handle any type of voting so you can make powerful decisions, fast.

1. Setup Your Way

Choose to setup yourself or have ElectionBuddy do it. Add election details, design the notice and ballot. Test, and have others test too. Add your voter list and launch!

2. Easy Voting

With one click, voters cast ballots on their computer, iPhone or Android phone. Onsite kiosks and mail-in ballots are supported too.

3. Easy Results

Winners and results are tallied
automatically. View and export reports and graphs or share results with voters directly from ElectionBuddy.

Help When You Need It

Self Setup and Review

For smaller associations, you can take on the setup yourself, and then we can review your election setup and advise you on how best practices maximize participation. ElectionBuddy automatically tallies the votes and provides real-time results.

Expert Setup and
Voter Inquiry Management

If you’d just rather we do the setup, we’re here for you. Your dedicated Support Buddy will take care of setting up every detail of your vote. You provide the specifics, and then review for final approval. When you need help answering Voter questions, they’re always there. You always have direct phone access to your Buddy for any questions or issues that come up.

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