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A Complete Online Election in 3 Steps

It's fast and easy to set up an election — view all the voting features

Election details

Step 1: Setup

Add election details
Enter your election name, dates and settings
Design your ballot and notices
Add positions, candidates and questions with photos and bios and personalize the email, text and paper notices
Add your voter list
Pull lists from Excel or your contact manager
Ballot submission

Step 2: Vote

One vote per voter the way they want to vote
Voters are notified by email, text message, mail or any way you want. Voters click to vote on their computer or phone
Voting is anonymous
Choices are confidential and can’t be seen by other voters
Increase turnout and monitor receipt
Send reminders and resend bounced notices
Election results

Step 3: Results

Results are automatically tabulated
View voter summaries, graphs and vote by vote results
Select the winner
Winners are automatically picked or tabulate the results yourself
Share the results
Automatically notify each voter and publish the results to your webpage. Or keep them private — it’s up to you!
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Voting methods

Voting Methods

Reach voters by email, cellphone and mail. Or link to your website and e-newsletter. Onsite voting works too.

Tally types

Tally Types

Collect choices and calculate winners using plurality, preferential, cumulative, approval, or calculate yourself.

Full customization

Full Customization

Edit voter notices, design your perfect ballot and confirmation. Add multiple languages too!



Pull voter lists from Gmail, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Excel and CRM applications.

Candidate profiles

Candidate Profiles

Help voters choose by including a biography, contact information and upload a candidate photo.

Writein candidates

Write in Candidates

Allow voters to vote for someone else by writing in their own candidate — view example.

Voting groups

Voting Groups

A portion of voters vote on certain positions - ex. Seniors vote for class rep, everyone votes for school president.

Voting methods

Weighted Votes

Some voters get more votes than others — great for homeowner associations or condo boards — view example.

Voter list management

Voter List Management

Receive automatic bounce notifications for invalid or changed emails and see if voters haven't voted.

Automatic reminders

Automatic Reminders

Schedule emails or text messages to voters who haven't voted to increase voter turnout without extra work.

Share results

Share Results

Winners can be shared with voters by email, text message or on your website. Or keep results private — it's up to you!

Independent verification

Independent Verification

A neutral 3rd party staffed by accountants ensures fairness and availability to resolve election challenges.

Voter reach

Voter reach

We use DomainKeys and Sender Policy Framework so ballots reach voters and are not marked as spam.

Anonymous voting

Anonymous voting

All votes are confidential and cannot be seen by others. We use 256 bit encryption — the same as major banks.



Personal voting keys are created and can be used once. Add a 2nd password or confirm identity by phone.

Vote audit

Election Audit

Audit ballots and voter results to verify votes are correctly cast and avoid election fraud.

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