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Electionbuddy will make voting easy for:

How Electionbuddy makes voting better:

Reach voters

It creates a direct line of communication

In seconds, teachers can run a snap student poll or invite students to vote on social issues as part of a citizenship class. It's also a fun way for students to learn about the democratic process.
Awesome support

Electionbuddy has candidate profiles

Sometimes students are unaware of who the candidates are. Each candidate's profile allows the same amount of information to be shown. This way each candidate has a fair and accurate description of themselves.
Improve turnout

A quick and painless way of voting

Quickly set up an election, or several elections, like student council, prom king and queen or class valedictorian. A unique voting link is distributed to each eligible voter's email.
Election security

Confidentiality is key to successful elections

Keep your vote private by using Electionbuddy. Even student-run elections have to be fair and honest — organizers decide whether everyone sees the results or not.

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