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A Complete Online Election in 3 Steps

See how fast and easy it is to set up an election and view all of our features below

Election Types and Announcements Tour_arrows

Plurality Voting

Choose 1 or more candidates and the candidate(s) with the most votes wins


Voters can approve motions or select answers to questions

Election announcement and call for nominations

Announce the election date, the positions and compile candidate nominations

Preferential Voting

Rank each candidate for each position

Approval Voting

Approve or disapprove each candidate

3 Simple Steps Tour_arrows

Step 1: Setup

Add election details
Choose an election name, start date and an election type
Design your ballot
Add positions, candidates and questions
Add your voter list and voting channels
Pull lists from Excel or your CRM or contact manager and send ballots by email, paper or any way you want

Step 2: Vote

One vote per voter in the way they want to vote
Voters can vote by email, printed ballots or mail them keys
Voting is anonymous
All votes are confidential and cannot be seen by other voters
Increase turnout
Send reminders and resend bounced email ballots

Step 3: Watch

Results are automatically tabulated
View voter summaries, graphs and detailed candidate results
Select the winner
Winners are automatically picked or tabulate the results yourself by viewing voting choices while keeping voters anonymous
Share the results
Automatically notify each voter with the results and publish results to a webpage, or keep them private — it’s up to you!


Features Tour_arrows

Voting Methods

Reach voters by email, mail, paper ballot, and onsite voting too.


CRM integration

Create voter lists by pulling contacts from Excel, Gmail, Campaign Monitor and others.


Candidate profiles

Help voters choose by including a biography, contact information and upload a candidate photo.


Write in candidates

Allow voters to vote for someone else by writing in their own candidate — view example.


Weighted votes

Create ballots to be worth more votes than others — great for homeowner and condo boards or proxy voting — view example.


Voter reach

We use DomainKeys and Sender Policy Framework so ballots reach voters and are not marked as spam.


Anonymous voting

All votes are confidential and cannot be seen by others. We use 256 bit encryption — the same as major banks.



Send email reminders to voters who have not voted yet.


Ballot status

Check the status of ballots as they are sent and resend any “bounced” ballots (invalid or changed emails).


Email results

Email election results and a custom message to your voter list.


Public or private results

Automatically share results with your voters or keep them to yourself, it’s up to you!


Election Audit

Audit ballots and voter results to verify votes are correctly cast and avoid election fraud.