Homeowners Association & Condominium Board Elections

electionbuddy will make voting easy for:

  • Bylaw changes
  • Position voting
  • Conducting surveys
  • New fees
  • Voting rights changes
  • Development guides

How electionbuddy makes voting better:

  • It creates a direct line of communication

    Tenants love online voting because it's an easy process to understand and use. Online voting also limits members from assigning their vote to another member who will be present at the election.

  • electionbuddy has candidate profiles

    It never hurts to know a little about the candidate before voting. Give your members the details about the candidates such as their occupation and past experience that's relative to the position.

  • A quick and painless way of voting

    Volunteers can set up an electionbuddy election in minutes. As the organizer you send each eligible voter a unique voting link via email.

  • Confidentiality is key to any successful election

    Reduce voter fraud by using online election software. We use the same security as your bank does to keep your data safe in transit.