Screenshot of ElectionBuddy Setup Process – Step 1: add details, design ballot, add voters.

Step 1: Prepare the notice

Create your notice

Add your election or meeting details and dates. Customize for your own requirements including multiple languages

Add your list

Add member lists from Microsoft Excel or other systems and send meeting notice by email, SMS, postcard, or letter

Create forms

Add a voter registration form to confirm attendance. Capture candidates for one or many positions. And poll members too!

Screenshot of ElectionBuddy Setup Process – Step 2: select and vote for your candidate.

Step 2: Send the notice

Members receive notice

Voters are notified by email, text message, postcard, mail or using your own systems. Send multiple notices, for example 90, 60 and 30 days prior to your annual meeting

Members register

Members confirm their attendance at the meeting or their intention to vote, which certifies they can access the voter form

Members nominate candidates

Capture candidate names for all your positions. Contact us to collect more candidate information and we’ll create a custom form that can be routed for approval

Screenshot of Voting Results – viewing the results, selecting the winners and sharing the results.

Step 3: Track notice

Receive Confirmations

Your postal addresses are verified and you receive automatic bounce notifications for invalid or changed emails. And if members register, you are notified too!

View Reports

View member status, responses and candidate details. View numbers, graphs or export them to your Microsoft Office or G Suite applications

Vote Audit

Voter characteristics and location are tracked and reported. Re-tally the results to allow observation while ensuring anonymity and integrity

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