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ElectionBuddy is used by professional associations everywhere.

Vote anywhere you have internet

Members can vote anywhere that they can access the ballot online: while grabbing their morning coffee, in between meetings, at their desk, or even later on at home!

Different ballot types for all passions

The specific elections that an Association runs can differ depending on the Association, but ElectionBuddy’s extensive selection of ballot types and flexible ballot configuration mean that it can handle any type of election.

Reach members via their preferred method

If your members have their phones glued to their hands all day, it makes sense to send them a text. If they are at their desk, email might make more sense. No matter what their setting may be, ElectionBuddy has the functionality to get delivery done.

Time is money — save on both

Because members can vote while waiting in line for that morning coffee, because it will take you mere minutes to get your election going, and because it’s affordable, your Association will have more time and money to focus on the important things.

“We have been using ElectionBuddy for years and happy to recommend it. It just works!”

Sasha Zalyvabna, Administrator, Resident Doctors of BC
Professional Associations

ElectionBuddy Just Works
for Any Association

Regardless of whether you're a Community Association Manager, on an HOA or Condominium Board, in a Strata Council or a Building Co-operative, our voting platform has the flexibility and power to handle any type of voting so you can make powerful decisions, fast.

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Professional Associations

Your members have worked long and hard to be the best that they can be. An ElectionBuddy election reflects that commitment to excellence. Ensure that your votes have the same integrity that your members do, while enjoying ease of voting and a price that allows membership dues to stay low!

Trade or Tourism Associations

Your locale is something special, and so are your members. By offering an easy way to vote, your members can easily be engaged. ElectionBuddy also easy on the fees, so that your membership dues are spent on your initiatives, not administration.

Realtor Association

Real Estate professionals are always on the move, so voting must be as convenient and flexible as members are with their clients. ElectionBuddy is great for voting on executives, electing board members, approving budgets, or obtaining feedback.

Music/Arts/Drama Association

Elections can be a song and dance with ElectionBuddy. Whether voting on leadership, deciding on the budget, or choosing your next big production, configurable ballots, simple setup and easy engagement and results sharing make voting a cinch for your association.

Animal Association

Regardless of whether you’re passionate about horses, dogs, cats, or birds, you’re in familiar company with ElectionBuddy. Board votes are a snap to set up and administer, and results sharing is just as easy, too!

Sports Association

The goal is to focus on the sport, not questions about an election. ElectionBuddy offers election integrity and ease of voting for board leadership votes, MVP votes, or coach of the year votes. No matter your election type, ElectionBuddy is a winner!

Alumni Association

With a membership that grows every semester, reaching out to your entire alumni can be difficult. ElectionBuddy can help you get them back in touch with your university by getting them involved with the decision-making process, no matter where life has taken them.

Other Associations

The are hundreds of thousands of associations across the world with specializations in many areas. Use the ElectionBuddy election platform for making your association votes the best they can be, with flexible ballots and simple voting that reaches all of your members!

All the Features for Professionals

Organizations across many industries use ElectionBuddy to host elections safely and securely.

Multiple Ways to Vote

Voters can vote remotely or during a meeting using their cellphone, computer, tablet or mail. Voting is completed using a simple, easy to use, tech-friendly ballot.

Customizable Ballots

Our customizable ballots allow for multiple vacancies, randomized candidate or question order, editing descriptions, highlighting amendments and striking out words. You can also add documents or website links.

Personalized Notice

Reach voters by email, mail, text message, or using your own website, e-newsletter or existing systems with a personalized election announcement for each voter.

Voter List Integration

Pull voter information from Gmail, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Microsoft Excel, member management systems and CRM applications.

Candidate Profiles

Help voters choose by including a biography, vision, campaign promises and contact information. Upload a candidate photo or link to a video too!

Multiple Languages

Notice text, candidate descriptions, options, buttons, verification are customizable to whatever language your voters vote in.

Voting Subgroups

Limit questions to a portion of your voters. For example, only Freshman vote for their class rep, while everyone votes for the school president

Write-Ins and Comments

Allow voters to add a new candidate to the ballot, or allow voters to provide feedback - great for budget approvals or referendums.

Weighted Votes

Allow some voters to get more votes than others. Great for condominium boards or regional representation or proxy voting.

Voter List Management

Receive automatic bounce notifications for invalid or changed emails. Easily view which voters have and haven’t voted.

Voter Reminders

Schedule emails or text messages to voters who haven't voted to increase voter turnout without extra work.

Voter Security

Personal voting keys are created and used only once. Require a 2nd password or confirm identity by phone. We use 256-bit encryption - the same as major banks.

Anonymous Voting

All voting choices are confidential and cannot be linked to the voter for elections. And results can be hidden until the election ends for further anonymity.

Independent Verification

A neutral third-party staffed by accountants ensures fairness and helps resolve election challenges. Also allows voter and independent review and recount.

Email Deliverability

DomainKeys and Sender Policy Framework ensure email notices reach each voter and are not marked as spam.

Election Audit

Voter Ballots and results are observable and auditable to verify votes are correctly cast and avoid election fraud.

Reports and Graphs

View winners and results in easy to read summaries, pie charts and bar graphs. Analyze the voter list and conduct a voter audit too.

Enterprise Features

Multiple election administrators with multi-department election management. Automated signup works great for mutli-chapter organizations.

Single Sign On

Voters can use their organizational username and password to access their ballot, which simplifies voter list management for administrators too!

Member Portal Integration

Encourage voting by adding a voting link and a voter engagement widget to your website. Publish access to voting results on your website too!

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