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How to Calculate Voter Participation

Workplace elections are essential for decision-making processes. By holding these elections, employees can have a say in proposals or plans that may impact them. In addition, some elections are held to vote on issues like pay, workers’ rights, or organizational issues, such as how departments are run. This can strengthen your organizati
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Does an Undervote Count?

Elections are fundamental aspects of democratic societies at the national and local levels. They enable citizens to choose representatives who will lead them and make decisions that affect their lives. Workplace elections are very important, as they enable employees to choose the leaders who will represent them in their dealings with mana
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Why Is Fair Voting Important?

A fair voting process ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. John Rawls, an American political philosopher, studied these principles, and he believed that “justice is fairness.” In other words, he thought that justice is based on the equal distribution of social goods, and fairness is essential in achieving this.  Rawls define
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What Is the Importance of Proxy Voting?

Democracy is a form of government in which power is held by the people or their elected representatives. The concept of democracy can be traced back to Ancient Greece, in the 5th century BCE. Athens is considered the birthplace of democracy, as it was one of the first places in the world where citizens had […]
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What Is Annual Meeting Shareholder Voting?

Annual meetings are a crucial component of corporate governance because they provide opportunities for shareholders to vote on various aspects of company operations. These voting proceedings help shape the future of the organization and ensure that shareholders have a voice in the decision-making. This process can be conducted by voting i
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Online Ballot Maker: How It Works

In recent years, the world has seen a shift towards electronic voting. This means that instead of using paper ballots and counting votes by hand, more and more countries are turning to software-based systems to manage their democratic elections. But how do these election softwares work? What are the characteristics of an online voting pro
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How Electronic Voting Works

Technology might have changed the world and the way we work, but labor unions are as relevant as they were during the Industrial Revolution. From fighting for appropriate wages to representing the desires and principles of the workers, these entities stand as powerful political forces.  Since 1974, when the first organized union was
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A Complete Guide to the Inspector of Elections Duties

An Inspector of Elections is responsible for ensuring a fair and transparent election process for member-based organizations such as housing associations, alumni associations, unions, political parties, and non-government organizations (NGOs). These organizations rely on elections for their structure and order, which makes having free and
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What Does an Inspector of Elections Do?

If you're going to conduct elections for your organization anytime soon, here are some useful tips about how to hire an inspector of elections. This article will help you answer questions such as: Is it necessary to hire an inspector of elections? How much do they charge? What are they responsible for? Key Duties of […]
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ElectionBuddy ranked #1 for Voting on G2

ElectionBuddy has been ranked as the number one voting service on Chicago-based software marketplace, G2. Why is this significant you ask? Here’s why this is kind of a big deal for us: Since its inception in 2011, G2 has positioned itself as the world’s most trusted and largest software marketplace with over 80 million users […
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What Is the Role of Technology in the Voting Process Today?

When most people think of what it means to vote, they typically think about local, state, and federal elections related to government. But each and every day, all kinds of elections take place that have nothing to do with the government.  This voting takes place in the boardrooms and the workforces of America's companies and [&hellip
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How Is an Abstain Vote Counted?

Online union voting is a democratic process in which workers vote for the representatives who will bargain on their behalf. These reps are incredibly important because they give workers a say in how their workplace is run. Unions play an important role in protecting workers' rights and ensuring that they're treated fairly. Sometimes, thou
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What Are Secret Ballot Elections for Unions?

A ‘secret ballot’ is a voting method used for elections in which the voter’s identity remains anonymous to allow for political policy. This anonymity is to protect voters from any means of unfair voter influencing, threats, blackmail, scare tactics, or external attempts of bribery or coercion.  There are many different ways of
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What's the Purpose of Voting?

Every year, member-based and nonprofit organizations rigorously prepare for critical elections that decide the fate of various policies and races. At the center of these elections are hard-working members who vote to determine who will hold key positions and which policies will become reality.  If you’ve voted in political election
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