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What Is a Property Owners Association?

Property owner associations (POAs) act as the backbone of thriving residential and commercial communities. They assist in maintaining order and managing shared resources, but they are often confused with homeowners associations (HOAs). The importance of their roles is also sometimes overlooked.  What Is a POA? By definition, a POA is
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What Authority Does a Property Owners Association Have?

A property owners association (POA) is an organization made up of various types of property owners who have joined together for the common good of all of their members.  What Are the Goals of a POA? The structure of a property owners association may be formal or informal, and both may decide to hold association […]
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Is a Property Owners Association a Civic Organization?

Property owners associations (POA) are not to be confused with HOAs (homeowners associations). While a homeowners association is usually highly localized to a subdivision or a condo complex, a POA includes all property owners, including businesses.  POAs exist as groups of property owners joining together to improve the value of prop
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Does a Property Owners Association Have to Be Incorporated?

Property owners associations (POAs) are similar in many ways to homeowners associations (HOAs), but the two should not be confused. Property owners associations, as the name suggests, are related to all properties that are part of the association, not just homes.  This may include businesses, homes, and agricultural lands. POAs often
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What Is Association Management Software?

Association management software helps groups and communities manage important aspects of running an association, such as online association voting, deciding on budget allocations, or making collective decisions about activities. There are countless types of associations, so learning how to start a community association and selecting the r
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How to Start an Association

Associations can be rewarding, impactful, and beneficial, and range from cultural, charitable, professional, sporting, and social groups–but there are several factors to consider, such as governance and association voting rules. Working out how to start a community association begins with comparing the varied structures you might adopt,
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How to Start a Community Association

Community associations can provide an inclusive way to engage with members of a group with a common interest, whether focused on the local environment, social activities, events, youth sports, or other areas. Learning how to start an association is the first step, with factors such as deciding how to manage each association vote, what vot
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Announcing The BestBuddy Award

At ElectionBuddy, we are super grateful for all those that assist us in our core purpose of "Accessible Democracy Around the World". So whenever we see someone who helps move this forward, we like to say thanks. To that end, we have started the "Best Buddy Award" Why BestBuddy Because it aligns with our ElectionBuddy […]
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All About HOA Board Positions

A Homeowners’ Association, or HOA, is a group of owners within a community or neighborhood that have come together to manage the shared amenities and services. The HOA, managed by a board of directors, keeps the community running smoothly by enforcing rules and regulations, managing the budget and the HOA elections, planning events, and
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Board of Directors Versus Officers: A Break-Down Explanation

Homeowners’ Associations, or HOAs, are an integral part of the American housing market. They help preserve the value of properties within their jurisdiction, create rules that ensure the smooth running of the community, and provide amenities and services to residents.  As such, the individuals tasked with running the HOA have a sig
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Are There Term Limits for HOA Board Members?

Homeowners' Association (HOA) board members lead the charge in managing the HOA's day-to-day operations. They are responsible for keeping the community running smoothly, financially viable, and aesthetically appealing. In turn, they must ensure that only the best and most competent individuals serve on the board. They achieve this by cond
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Selective Enforcement of HOA Rules

HOAs are governed according to their pre-set rules, procedures, and policies, and run by management boards, which community members can influence through HOA elections. Selective enforcement means that the association applies rules to some homeowners or groups of homeowners, and not others, creating animosity and potential conflict. An ex
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How to Run an HOA

Joining an HOA board involves several responsibilities but is primarily about proactively ensuring the association is run fairly rather than acting as an observer and simply implementing policies and rules as and when required. This includes facilitating demographic HOA voting on proposals and new board members, avoiding any selective enf
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Condo Association Approval Process

Homeowners or residents living in a condo under HOA management must abide by property maintenance, renovation, and remodeling regulations.  Depending on the homeowners association voting rules and policies, those who may wish to develop an existing property into two or more condos will also usually require approval. The HOA governing
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