ElectionBuddy feature focus

Bylaw Amendment — Build It with ElectionBuddy

Bylaws are a fundamental part of the operating process for any organization. They tell an organization what they should and should not do, and guide the people running the organization when things are unclear or...

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ElectionBuddy recap

Take a Look Back: a 2017 ElectionBuddy Recap

Welcome to our 2017 ElectionBuddy recap! This year has been an extremely productive (and busy!) year for all of us on the team. With the goal of always trying to improve the customer experience in...

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Milestone celebration with fireworks

Milestone Achieved: Five Million Votes Cast on ElectionBuddy.com

The team that make ElectionBuddy happen can’t even believe that we’ve reached that “Five million votes!!!” mark. We are small, but we are mighty!

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Election feature focus

Feature Focus: the All-New Paper Ballots

There is a fundamental issue with offering an exclusively electronic voting platform. Not all people are adept at using electronics. In fact, some people don’t even have email addresses! We have always had workarounds (an...

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Feature how-to

How an Approval Voting Method Actually Works

After noticing some users who were using the Approval voting method incorrectly, we wanted to look at the total number of Approval elections being run on our site. So, we complied our internal data for...

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