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What Is the Main Function of a Labor Union?

Before the 18th century, workers were not entitled to vacation, hygiene was nonexistent, and there was no minimum wage. However, in 1968, journeymen tailors decided to protest a wage reduction in what is now known as the first strike in America’s history. In 1974, shoemakers in Philadelphia formed the Federal Society of Journeymen Cordw
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What Are the Types of Labor Unions?

Labor organizations have been an essential part of the American workforce for decades. But what is the main function of a union? Unions represent workers in various fields and vocations to promote their shared rights and interests. A primary function of labor unions is to negotiate with employers to improve wages, benefits, and the work [
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What Are the Three Functions of a Union?

Organized labor has been an integral part of the American workforce for many, many years. Unions are groups of workers in various industries and professionals who come together to make sure their collective interests and rights are represented and protected. Union boards are composed of members selected through union election voting. 
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How Much of the U.S. Workforce Is Unionized?

Labor unions in the United States play a crucial role in the American workforce, standing up for the rights of workers in many different fields. Their boards are created by union nominations and elections, and they strive to protect their members and bargain with employers as a collective unit.  The number of American workers who [&h
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All About HOA Board Positions

A Homeowners’ Association, or HOA, is a group of owners within a community or neighborhood that have come together to manage the shared amenities and services. The HOA, managed by a board of directors, keeps the community running smoothly by enforcing rules and regulations, managing the budget and the HOA elections, planning events, and
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Can You Strike Without a Union?

In recent years, movements to improve and protect workers' rights have been growing. Labor activism is gaining popularity because many workers are becoming more aware and concerned about their rights in the workplace.  The two most common ways to object to working conditions are through protests and strikes. These can be incredibly p
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HOA Inspector of Elections in California

When a homeowner association (HOA) election in California requires the use of secret ballots, the association has to select an inspector of elections who will oversee the process and ensure it’s fair to all members. The association can hire one or three inspectors to do the job, according to the California Civil Code, with each [&hellip
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A Complete Guide to the Inspector of Elections Duties

An Inspector of Elections is responsible for ensuring a fair and transparent election process for member-based organizations such as housing associations, alumni associations, unions, political parties, and non-government organizations (NGOs). These organizations rely on elections for their structure and order, which makes having free and
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What Does an Inspector of Elections Do?

If you're going to conduct elections for your organization anytime soon, here are some useful tips about how to hire an inspector of elections. This article will help you answer questions such as: Is it necessary to hire an inspector of elections? How much do they charge? What are they responsible for? Key Duties of […]
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Can Apprentices Join a Union?

Apprenticeships are a popular way for people to learn a trade or explore a profession. Some apprenticeships also lead to permanent positions in union jobs. The advantage of being in a union is that employees have representatives selected through union election voting and an organization behind them fighting for better working conditions,
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Board of Directors Versus Officers: A Break-Down Explanation

Homeowners’ Associations, or HOAs, are an integral part of the American housing market. They help preserve the value of properties within their jurisdiction, create rules that ensure the smooth running of the community, and provide amenities and services to residents.  As such, the individuals tasked with running the HOA have a sig
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What Is the Benefit of Being an Alumni?

There are some pretty sweet benefits to being part of an alumni group beyond just the nostalgia factor, such as the chance to participate in alumni board elections and share your experiences with an awe-struck audience of current students. That’s not all, though–there are many benefits of being an alumni. Below, we’ll explore the to
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What Is the Best Way to Engage Alumni?

If you’ve been experiencing low voter turnout during alumni board elections, your association is not alone. Alumni, like everyone else, are busy with their work and personal lives. Sometimes, it can be tricky to keep them engaged and connected to the association. One of the best ways to engage alumni is by conducting virtual board [&hel
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How Do You Build a Successful Alumni Association?

Forming an alumni association can be a game-changer for any institute of higher education. It can be a vehicle for bringing in substantial donations and greater recognition as like-minded alumni connect to work on innovative ideas. Consider Google, for example. Cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are both alumni of Stanford University.
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