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Association Elections

Electionbuddy will make voting easy for:

How Electionbuddy makes voting better:

Reach voters

It creates a direct line of communication

Using online elections not only demonstrates you're a modern company or association, but it also strengthens relationships with members and employeees. Not making them line up at your branch or send in mail-in ballots when not necessary tells them you value their time and opinion.
Awesome support

Electionbuddy has candidate profiles

Nominations committees may put forward names, but voters aren't always familiar with them. Electionbuddy provides candidate profiles which provide the same amount of information for each individual. This feature is proven to increase voter participation because voters feel more involved in the process.
Improve turnout

A quick and painless way of voting

Board of director, proxy votes or executive officer elections can be a time-consuming and complex process. Each eligible voter is emailed a unique voting link so they can easily vote immediately.
Election security

Confidentiality is key to successful elections

Guard against voter fraud. Electionbuddy uses 256-bit encryption, the same security as your bank uses to keep your data safe. With ballots sent by email, the voter is the only person able to access their individual vote.

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